Saturday, November 14, 2009

8 - I'm thankful for Sunny days!! (not only was it sunny, but a reference to Sesame Street, which Ollie loves and is celebrating 40 years!)
9 -Thankful for health, and that a baby I know online's heart ablation worked!
10 - Thankful for lazy evenings on the couch :)
11 - I'm thankful for all the service men & women who have fought for and defended our country.
12 - I'm thankful for my WLGs, my mommy friends I have online :)
13 - I'm thankful for Phyllis! She watched Ollie so I could finish an exam and made me yummy treats!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

11/4 - Thankful for classical music! It calmed Kahlua so we could get sleep!
11/5 - Thankful for my bed!
11/6 - Thankful for good days. Kahlua has been in great spirits and has been acting like herself ;)
11/7 - Thankful for sunny days!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

For every day in November, think of something you're thankful for!

1: I'm thankful I have a job, and work with friends!
2: I'm thankful for Ollie's ped

And today, the 3rd, I'm thankful for Ollie :) He brightens my day and makes me laugh, no matter what :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009


we have 2 bottom teef!!!! They've come up farther since this pic, but let me tell you.. this little boy is VERY protective of his teeth!! he doesn't want people to see them or definitely take pics.

we've started having a more set schedule (of course in time for vacation to mess it up :P ). its kind of nice to know he wants a bottle at 11 and 2ish and dinner better not be after 6ish or he gets maaaad. bedtime routine starts at 8 with a PJ & overnight diaper change.

we bought a foam letter playmat thing that he loves to sit, play and roll on. It definitely makes our days easier! we're going to pack up his jumper :( and move the tv over to give him more room toplay, which will be nice. our living room is starting to look like the romper room :P we have the jumper, highchair, walker, playmat, a walker wagon and an activity table :P and let me tell you - my living room is NOT big!! I'm pretty sure that ollie has decided that rolling is the way to go - he will roll all over the LR to get to whatever toy he wants. actually, tonight i noticed him scooting. i know once he starts crawling, i'm going to have a time of it chasing & picking up after him. i'm ok with our rolling :P he still managed to find a french fry, my shoes (several times i might add).. i forget what else :P

we got "vintage" pics done yesterday. well, by "we" i mean ollie and doug and i made sure he didn't fall over :P i think they'll turn out good. i'm not sure how many we'll get b/c they are EXPENSIVE!!!

on a me note, i'm pretty much 100% after surgery. i have my followup apt tuesday, but i don't foresee any problems. i also really need to get my hair cut before we go to florida or i will diiieee of heat exposure :P

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What a year.

Yeesh! 2009, Can we slow down? Ok, I admit it's partly 2008's fault.

In March we found out we were pregnant :) It was the day after Easter, and we were hoping for a Thanksgiving baby.

In May we found out he was a boy! We cautiously accepted that, but knew that the gender could be read wrong that early. (We also started calling him Zaiden. Can you imagine him as a Zaiden?? I sure can't. He's most definitely an Olliver! Cute, adorable, bald and funny :) )

Last July Doug and I flew to Las Vegas. I hadn't been on a plane since I was 2! I felt Olliver move for the first time during landing in LV. We got our 3D u/s done and saw his face for the first time :)

In September, I spent a night in the hospital (which they said was possibly a UTI? But now I wonder if it could have been gallbladder related). The first night (not including working!) that I spent in the hospital since I was born.

In October, not only did I have the first major surgery (not counting my wisdom teeth), I had my wonderful, gorgeous son. (I could go on about him for ages!)

In December, I had my first big medical problem - my first gallstone attack. They continued through til June before being diagnosed.

In July, I had my second major surgery in a year. I'm sore as heck, but it's pain I can handle. I feel like a horrible mom because I can't hold Ollie, cuddle him or make him feel better or understand what's going on. I can't even laugh when he's cute because that hurts the most :( I know I have to take care of me so I CAN take care of him, but I just feel bad that he has no reason why mommy isn't cuddling him.

Anyway, on to the cuteness that is Ollie :) He's sitting up by himself much better. He loves loves loves monkeys!! Normally he sleeps very well and can sleep by hisself (as long as he's in our bed, not the crib). I'm afraid this is going to screw that up :( His favorite toy is our remotes - not toy ones. He loves walking while we hold his hands and I wouldn't be surprised if he skipped crawling to walk. The only issue is we don't have anything for him to pull up on/cruise on.

Vacation in 24 days. I cannnnnnooott wait!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm truly saddend by Jon & Kate Goesslin. I really hoped they'd be able to work out their relationship for the kids. It sounds like they want to remain friends and are attempting to keep the kids happy. :(

On a happier note, here is part of Dougs Father's Day present:

(the letters spell daddy). We went to the park and relaxed all day :)

and more cute pants for you:

How cute is he???

Monday, June 15, 2009

Not me Monday!

I just realized it's Not Me Monday! For an explanation, visit !

I most certainly did not let my child poop on a hotel floor (ok, not all the poop, just the I took the other diaper away and haven't gotten the other one on yet poop). The hotel would most certianly have not deserved it, either!

I'm definitely not enjoying The Suite Life of Zach and Cody, The Suite Life on Deck and Wizards of Waverly Place and do not watch them every day.

I do not have 3 loads of laundry to put away and 2 in the machines. Not me.

I also do not have a bedroom to get clean before tomorrow morning, when our new bed is delivered. And I certainly do not not know when the last time under the bed was cleaned.

And, lastly, DH did not give our little son powdered sugar off of a funnel cake. Nope, not him.
Ugh. Lots to write about.

Ollie was sick with a stomach bug. It lasted several long, miserable days. We went to the dr Tuesday & Friday. He seems to be normal as of yesterday/today. He pooped on the carpet of the hotel. Haha, take that crappy hotel!

We had fun in Baltimore. (More on that later. Ollie's thrashing in my lap). He loved the monkeys, elephants and fish at the zoo. I think the boys might have enjoyed the aquarium more, but oh well :P Ollie picked out a stuffed monkey for a souvenir (did we expect anything else?).
Hotel. Zoo (my reminders for later).

We're getting our new bed tomorrow. I had to go out and buy new sheets (it's a King size!!!) on top of cleaning the bedroom. Of course, now Ollie wants to be in my arms and I can't get anymore cleaning done. Arg! Oh well.

I think theres more, but I can't think..Hm. Traffic on 95/66 sucks! It took us 7.5 hours to get home, when it only took us about 3 to get there!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oh! Ollie is 18lbs 6 oz! Brandon was 17lbs 3 oz on Monday, this is the closest they've been weighed since they were born!
So our little guy is under the weather :( We've had several bad vomiting episodes and several equally bad diarrhea episodes :( We saw Dr DeVries today and he said Tylenol for a fever, lethargy, etc. and to give him Pedialyte. Olliver seems to LOVE fruit flavored (no specific fruit, I suppose it's like fruit punch?) Pedialyte, he's sucked down 2 servings of it (8oz each) so far!

Holy crap! Thunder batman!!!!

Beth, Brandon, Doug, Olliver and I are going to Baltimore this weekend (if everyone stays semi-healthy!) We're going to the Maryland Zoo (did you know strollers are not allowed in the National Aquarium?? I think it's ridiculous because I'd think that most of their visitors would be wanting to use a stroller! I guess we'll just have to plan a trip to our other favorite aquarium in Georgia soon!!!) and a Braves vs. Orioles game. I can't wait - room service, swimming, etc. It'll be a nice mini-vacation I think.

Not much else - oh! Even Dr DV commented on how strong Olliver is! He loves standing, LOVES his walker and jumpers and hates hates hates sitting still!!! I have a boy who is going to skip crawling, skip walking and go straight to running, I think!! Next week we get our new bed! Our mattress is crappy and lumpy and leaning to one side, sooo we're getting a new - bigger! mattress! I can't wait! I'm hoping it'll help my back problems, but we'll see.

Ok, I better go before this storm electrocutes me for being on the computer!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

At his 6 month appointment (when he was almost 7 mos old) Olliver was 27 3/4 inches, 18 in head circ and 17.7 lbs. Big boy! He's tall for his age with a head to match his height, but still under in weight. He's getting better about sitting up, loves eating, loves monkeys, is trying to hold his own sippy, eating puffs, loves eating, loves his walker! he tries to go to the TV and watch it. He manuevered through my yard sale-ized living room to the TV the other day to watch baseball :P Silly little monkey boy! Oh, did I mention he loves to eat? We have munchkin feeders that he loves using. We've put bananas, apple, cantalope and strawberries in there and he has a ball gnawing on them :) Ollie's been getting a LOT better about sitting in high chairs at restaurants, which is good!

It's been hectic around here! We've had picnics, we're getting ready for a yard sale this weekend and next month, Doug, Brandon, Beth, Olliver and I are going to the Baltimore aquarium and an Orioles/Braves game! Yaaaay :)

I've been addicted to - it's a site where you can trade new/used Gymboree clothes :D They're having a sale starting Sunday and I can't wait!

Ugh, I need to get back to pricing, catagorizing, etc yard sale stuff. I can't wait to have my living room back!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Olliver is 17.8 lbs! Chunky Monkey!!

We had to go to the doc's today because he decided it'd be fun to scream from 4:30 yesterday afternoon until 7:30 this morning - well, scream when he wasn't sleeping. We tried teethers, we tried Tylenol, we tried Orajel, we tried bottles, we tried rocking, singing, music, sleeping - nada. I called the ped and he stopped :P Anyway, we saw Dr V - a new doc we hadn't seen - he said he has a cold in his ear, a regular cold, possibly a tooth coming in and had a fever. Oye! My poor boy :( If he's still fussing by Friday we're supposed to come back to recheck the ear to see if it turns into an infection. If not, then we'll go in Monday for his 6month visit.

And of course he just started fussing. Mmmm. I'll try to fiish this later.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I had a pretty great first Mother's Day.

First, Doug made breakfast. Well, actually, first he had to go to the store...which took forever! Olliver and I were sitting in the backyard with the dogs when he got home - with flowers from Olliver :) He made breakfast (turkey bacon and bagels). We watched Swing Vote (which was ok) and then.. I forget what we did. I know we watched part of the Braves game (and they won!). We went to lunch at Red Lobster around 2:30 -and by some miracle were able to walk in and get seated! The tables beside us were irritating, but oh well :P Olliver behaved well (he normally does when we're out). We went to the mall to look for a charm bracelet for me (but the only ones I found were like $600 - yes, 2 zeros. I bought my onesie exchange outfit for my WLG board and we went to Michaels. I got a step stone kit thing to make - you know, pour the cement in and decorate it, let it sit and its a stepping stone. We went to WalMart and got stuff for dinner - shishkabobs!!! Yummy. Doug grilled them while Ollie and I sat outside with him. We came in, ate and watched another movie (which I lost interest in) and then at 8:30 Doug went to Food Lion to get brownie mix so we could have brownies for desert. Yummy.

It was a great day, although we didn't do anything extraordinary or anything. It was great to not have to cook, I didn't worry about cleaning (although I'm paying for that today, oh well :P) and we just had fun :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

Doug is making me breakfast (bacon and a bagel) right now, we're going to watch Swing Vote and then maybe go to the park for a bit. For lunch, we're going to head to Red Lobster and look for a charm bracelet for me, then go to Michaels to get a step stone kit thing. I want to put Ollie's hand and foot prints in it :)

Speaking of my little dude, he got me flowers for Mother's Day - daisies, my favorite. Mom & Dad sent roses on Friday, too. Our house has lots of flowers! :D Oh! Olliver also fell asleep in his high chair during breakfast! He woke up a few seconds later, but it was cute.

Yesterday we went to May Days, Spring Fesitval, Festival of May whatever it's called in Luray. It was stinkin' hot. Both boys were very hot, so we went to WalMart, bought an inflatable pool, took it to moms, inflated it, filled it and the water was freezing... sooo no swimming. I did eat a smore, though!! :D And a banana boat. I love grilled desserts! Anyway, MayFestDayFestival is a lot like Fall Folliage in my opinion. Nice, but not that great :P

I got a Jeep Jogging stroller at a yard sale yesterday. Yes, I know we bought one at a yard sale last weekend, but the tires need replacing. I think Doug wants to fix it and put it in his car. OMG, the jogging stroller is sooo stinkin' easy to drive, I love it! We used it at the thingy yesterday and it was great! It's heavy and doesn't like to fit easily in my trunk, but oh well, I love it anyway :P I just need a bigger car.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday

MckMama created the Not Me Monday carnival to fess up to embarassing things she had most certainly not done that week. Here goes:

So, this past week I did not turn the AC up really cold in the bedroom, even though DH hates it cold, saying that it has to be cool in the bedroom for Olliver.

I surely did not find Boo eating his daddy's socks this morning, took it away and he found 2 more. I most certainly did not consider taking a picture to show his daddy why he needs to put socks away.

I didn't tell DH several times it was his turn to change Olliver when I knew there was poop in there. No way would I do that!

I did not think Olliver had lost his pacifier, dug around in the couch and then found my bra. I have no idea.
I most certainly did not discover Lay's Heavenly Baked Potato Dip and have consumed 2 bags of Ruffles in the past week. Including dinner last night.
I also did not make a whole bag of lentils, thinking that would not be too much for baby food. I did not make a WHOLE POT of lentils and end up having Doug throw about 90% of them away. Definitely not me {us}.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

1 month
2 months

3 months

4 months 5 months

6 months

Thursday, April 30, 2009

(early) Foto Friday

6 months!!
Riding a motorcycle!

Swinging at North Park

Sliding with Daddy!


Feeding ducks with mommy :)

Swinging in the park for the first time!

Puppy kisses :)

Brandon & Ollie

Go Braves!

Friday, April 24, 2009

I am SO stinkin' proud of my little dude!!!!

First, he SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT last night!!!! Wooooot!!!!!! I'll admit, I woke up at 6:30, panicked because I thought something was wrong, since he hadn't woken up. Nope, I actually woke him up when I made sure he was breathing.

Second, we went to the Little Lambs sale in Staunton and he did SO well! He was in the Snugli (on Doug) for over an hour, but very chill. It was really loud in there, but he didn't seem to mind at all :) We got him some good deals! Several shorts, a pair of trunks, some shirts, etc.

Next, he slept in his crib for about 10 minutes! It was only the 2nd time I'd tried putting him down during nap time and the first time he woke up after a minute or so.

This afternoon we went to the park and we went on a walk, swang in the infant swings and fed the ducks! Pics of the park to come! After we left Ridgeview Park, we went to North Park, where they just put a new playset there - Doug went down the slide with Olliver twice :) and tried out those swings :) At Ridgeview, there were a TON of kids, but at North (which is a LOT closer to our house) just one mom with 2 kids :) I think I'm going to enjoy going there :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

wait. so the stoopid freaking background is there, but i had to restart my computer to see it! grrrrrrr.
i'm really mad at stupid blogger. i just wanted to change the freakin' background, but nooooo. now NO background shows up and i lost all my little "widgets" on the side - ollies weights (which are written down...somewhere!!! *sigh*), my 'buttons' and everything like that.

so freakin' pissed at stupid blogger. oh! and it keeps asking me if i want to put ads on my page to get paid for. um, no, just give me my widgets back!!!!!!!

Praying for Stellan!

Also, keep little Kayleigh in your prayers!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stories & Swimming

So I had planned for us to go to storytime at the Waynesboro Library today. I checked and doublechecked the time - 10:30. We get there at 10:30 and their website was wrong, it was at 9:30. D'oh. So we missed it, but I'll try again next week. I say try, because Ollie eats cereal at 8:30, and then takes a nap and has a bottle. It was perfect timing getting us out at 10:30, so I'm not sure how we'll do with 9:30.

In other news, we (Olliver, Brandon, Beth & I) are signed up for swim lessons starting in May! It's half an hour 2x a week. I think it'll be good socialization for the boys.

Oh! And I'm going to sign up for a cake decorating class at Michael's next month! I'm excited! I love watching all the Food Network cake things and all the pretty decorations in fondant. I can't wait I think it'll be fun and give me something to do :D Heck, maybe I'll be known as the one who brings all the cool cakes to everything :D

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We had a decent Easter. Olliver's been getting sick, and it climaxed this weekend, of course. Saturday we went to see my grandmother and aunt, uncles and cousins. Oh, and of course we hit the Carter's outlet :D Unfortunatly, he was in his carseat for about 6-7 hours that day :(

Anyway, we went to the dr's yesterday and he said it's just a cold, but he's wheezing, so we got a script for Albuterol (liquid, not in an inhaler). I'm only giving it to him when he NEEDS it.

Food updates: He's now tried apples, bananas, carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, pears, peaches.. I'm sure I'm missing something. We're held up on making the peas or green beans because our Magic Bullet broke :/

I'm determined to get our house in a better order. This morning I've put 4 loads of laundry away, got more going and I'm trying to plan for dinner. Too many evenings it seems I don't feel like cooking, Doug doesn't want to cook and we get food from out. I'm going to start trying new recipes, I think so we can expand our choices :P I'm tired of tacos and spaghetti and blahblahblah. Oh, I'm also determined to find a mommy n me type group. There has to be one SOMEWHERE around here..

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ugh. I think I'm in a funk. I don't feel like cleaning. Dishes need to be done. I need to start washing 6-9 month clothes (and finding out what we still need). I have a bunch of books to post online. I have a box of movies I need to get rid of. Baby stuff has overtaken my living room. I need to vaccum Ollie's carpet (we have a runner for him to try to crawl on). Ugh. I feel like doing nada. I think part of it is because I have to work tonight (work? What's that? I haven't done that since before Doug broke his elbow 3/13! It's been a month-ish) and part is because I'm still feeling sick-ish. I'm a lot better, but still sound like crapola. Tomorrow AM he has his (hopefully) last orthopedic visit, so no sleeping in.

This weekend is going to be hectic, again. Saturday we have to go to my mom's to pick up her, my sister and nephew to go to my gmas. We're going to have lunch with my aunt (who hasn't met the boys yet), grandma and cousins. Afterwards, we're hitting Carter's (again. Somehow neither Beth or I have any 9-12 month clothes...whaaaa??) Then, driving home. Sunday we'll be going back to my parents in the afternoon for Easter. No sleeping for me anytime soon :(

On another hand, I really like the Ellen show! I haven't watched it in forever and I'm enjoying it :)

I keep seeing contests people are winning all this money or big prizes or whatnot. It'd be so nice to win $1000 from Ellen or a Volvo from Tyra :P

And, some pics :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ollie has tried bananas, sweet potatoes, avocados and now carrots. Carrots seem to be his favorites :D We made 1.5 ice cube trays of them, and the other 1.5 were apples! I figure he's already had applejuice with no reaction, so it's ok to do applesauce/apples. He's had bad gas lately :( My poor boo. He's doing a lot better at night *knock on wood*, going to bed around 9, sleeping til 2ish and then getting up around 6, but going back to bed (most of the time).

I packed up his bouncy seat :( Granted, he never really liked it, but still it's sad. We (ok, I) switched his jumperoo and swing, since he seems to like the jumperoo more. He also really likes his playmat more :) Unfortunatly, he hates the car seat :P

Hmm. Did I mention he was 14lbs14oz at his checkup this month? My boy is getting big!! :(

Saturday, March 14, 2009

We started on veggies last night. I decided to try to make his food - we have sweet potatoes and bananas in the freezer that I've made! Next I plan on carrots and apples.

He was 14 lbs 14 oz and 24 inches long at his appointment Thursday.

To be continued later.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Why Olliver is the smartest baby ever:

He stood up, just holding onto the side of his crib the other day! I had pulled him up to a standing position, put his hands on it and he stood!! It was so cute!!

He was laying on his changing table the other day and babbling away. I asked who he was talking to and he said "oggg". I looked to where he was looking and yep, a stuffed dog was up there!

Yesterday I asked him where Daddy was and he looked at Doug. I said "Where's mommy?" He looked at me. I asked where Olliver was and he just kinda stared.

The past few nights he's slept solely (sp?) in his cosleeper! He's gotten up 1-2 times a night, but then will go back down in the sleeper, instead of our bed! He's woken up and been happy - babbling and playing with his hands and feet. It's so cute to see him happy and playing first thing when I wake up!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ollie is now 14lb 4 oz and 24 5/8 inches long :D

We started him on rice cereal the other night... he hated it. We tried for 3 or 4 nights and then switched to oatmeal, which he likes! He gets an early dinner - around 530 now. I'm debating adding a scoop of bananas to it - which Beth said was like baby crack bc Brandon loved them so much. LOL

Oh, he also really likes ukelele music.I found a Hawiian singer he likes... Isreal Kamakawiwo'ole. I love his version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

I have barely a minute to type this all out:

Last night, I was in the shower and I hear a THUD. Oh crap, right? I yell for Doug, no answer, I run out, he's holding his wrist in the kitchen, he had fallen over the baby gate. I do Ollie's bath (of which, of course, we ran out of hot water because I had left the water running when I went out to check on Doug), Ollie's screaming bloody murder, Doug's in pain, so I wrap Ollie up, dry him off, bundle him in a fleece sleeper, get Doug dressed and off we go.

We sit, we show off the baby (I work in the ER, so everyone wanted to see him in all his sleepy cuteness), Doug gets x-rays, we sit, we wait. Doc comes back in and says he thinks there's a slight fracture of his radial head (the top of the radius where it meets at the elbow), and a shady spot of his humeral head at the (correct me if I'm wrong) epicondyl head. The xrays were a little shady because of the swelling, but Doc said that because of the swelling of the fat pad and there's a shadow that looks like bone on the xray, added in to the pain and swelling he had, it's more than likely a fracture. Soooo, Doug is in a splinty thing from his wrist to.. yep, his shoulder. We have to make an appointment with an orthopedist to get more xrays done and to see if he needs a cast or whatnot. Yaaaay.

So he's off of work until Friday and I'm, obviously off today. I'm probably going to have to call in to work Wednesday, because Doug can't watch Ollie with only one arm and I don't want them out anywhere til 11:15ish (I want Ollie in bed by 9-9:30, if I can help it!). Arrrgggg.

The good thing is Ollie-man slept through the whole visit. He woke up about 10 minutes after we got home, wanting to eat....that was around 2 and he hadn't eaten since 7pm!! Why can't we adjust those hours to make it more like 12am-6am? :P

Oh! And all this is after we got Doug's car inspected and the mechanic told us we had to get his tire rod (tie ron? I'm not a mechanic :P) fixed.. We drive it to Page to take itto Dad's mechaninc and guess what? That tire tie roddy ron thing is fiiiine. Yay for that :P We almost spent $250 in uneccessary mechanic work...arrrggggg.

bn vcgf ff g bdfffessssxcvhhhhhhhhhhh jhhhhg bv - is Ollie's story :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


So yesterday, Beth and I had lunch at TGIFridays. We got the mac & cheese that was on the Ultimate Recipe Showdown. Ohhh it was soooo good. We also went to Target where Beth got me the Fray CD! Woo! We ordered pizzas from Ledos (the second best pizza - Uno's is the first ultimate best, still!) to bring home. Came home, Doug was already home and we ate our pizza and played on the Wii Fit (ok, Doug played, I watched and held the O-ster).

Oh, something about Target and me holding Ollie makes him spit up all over me. Boo!! Both times I was at Target yesterday he spat upon me :P

Today, Doug and I had assorted mouth-al appointments (He dentist, myself Orthodontist). After, we had a quick meal at Cracker Barrell (Boo on no bread pudding!!! :( ). Tonie came over after work and we were going to eat at Purple Foot, but they stop serving at 2 (who knew!?) but she bought me my present - MY LEMON CAKE!!!!!! Wooooooooo!!!! We also went to Walmart where I entered a pic of Ollie in the cutest baby contest (hehe, I think he should win, hands down, but we'll see. I did enter late.. oh well).

My mouth hurts :(

Oh! I forgot last time - the other day Doug and I went to WalMart and Ollie was fussy, so I was just carrying him around. I got tired at one point, put Dougs coat on one side of the seat n the cart, mine on the other side and his blankie behind him and he was sitting up in the cart!! I couldn't believe it! It was so incredibly cute, but then again, what that he does isn't? :P I've started writing a journal for him for later, just telling him about everytihng he's done and stuff :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So I win the award for worst blogger of the year :P

Lets see. Ollie is 16 weeks now! I'm 98% positive he's teething. There's a white spot under his gum on the bottom thats more firm than the rest of his gum...he's had cranky days and thats the only thing I can think of... I can't wait for a one toothy grin!!! He really likes this windmill toy Brandon had, so I bought him one. I'll post pics soon. He's not screaming through baths anymore, doing really well holding his head up and occasionally sleeps in HIS bed, not mommy & daddys :P Oh! He loves standing up by holding your thumbs (make sense?) He can hold himself up for a minute or so!! I can't believe how adorable he is! Oh, he loves this Carter's taggie blanket thing.... I keep losing it! We lost it at Circut City one day, but THANKFULLY an employee picked it up. I guess he saw me frantically looking for something and he asked if it was ours. THEN, we lost it at Rancho (the Mexican place in Luray) except we had left it in the car. Sooo I ordered one off of eBay - for $33!!! Geeeeez.

with our tax return, we're getting him "big boy" car seats (Convertible ones). I figure we should order them when we have the money :P I'm also slowly getting him the Baby Einstein DVDs. He likes the original ones better than the newer ones...

We've had a busy time lately! Once a week we get together with Beth and Brandon, Nana came down this weekend so we saw her, Doug was off for a 3 day weekend this past weekend. Our house is getting clean - slowly. It's amazing the amount of trash we have every week :P I hope it doesn't get windy because it'll all blow away!!

Next month (3/20), we're going to Hershey, PA for a night. (When I say we I mean Beth, Tom, Brandon, Doug, Olliver and I). Beth is desperate to see the New Kids on the Block concert, so I'm going with her. We're also going to take the boys swimming. We bought water proof carriers to wear in the pool and got them little swim trunks!! Oh, and they have a Carter's outlet O:-)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wow. Michelle Obamas ball dress is gorgeous!! I took pics of Ollie in his bouncy seat in front of the TV during the swearing in. I'm getting a paper tomorrow to keep for him, along with the one from the day he was born.

On an Ollie note, we've started giving him pear huice 2x a day to help him poo. His fidh came in today and he seemed to like it.. We'll see. It's kind of ugly, LOL.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

With McGee the Monster
Playing with the Rockn' Bop guitar

Talking to Daddy

Eating McGee while swingin'

Watching NCIS in the Bumbo! Look how well I sit up!

Ollie had his first vaccines today :( I'm pretty sure he did better than I did.. Since we're doing Dr. Bob's delayed schedule (It's from "The Vaccine Book" by Robert Sears), he only got DTaP and rotovirus and goes back next month for HiB and PnC. He gobbled the rotovirus vaccine (weirdo kid) and did ok for the shot, cried after, but when we cuddled him, was ok. He is 11lbs 6 oz and 23 inches, which moves him up into the 15th percentile, almost (he was in the 5th when he was born, so he's catching up slowly!). Oh, Dr M also gave us the go ahead to put the dark Karo syrup in all his bottles, hopefully getting his poo's to be better. He said once we start him on baby food (especially fruits) it should help, as well. Next appointment (which is March to see him) we'll talk about starting him on rice cereal! I can't believe he's almost 3 months old... that's a quarter of a year! That's a long time!

As for Doug & I... we think the fridge may be leaking, oh joys! It's supposed to get really cold tonight into this weekend, so we're staying in as much as possible.

I just bought Ollie these (OH, I love ebay!)

I got the ugly fish because he LOVES staring at the fish on his swing, which are brightly colored. We'll see if he likes this one as well...

And the puppy because he "stole" his daddy's stuffed dog. Hopefully one of them will like the new one :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

First, our computer was broken, which accounts fir the lack of posts...

So hopefully I don't jinx myself, but Wed night, Olliver got up at 12:30, 3:30 and 6:30. Last night it was 12, 4 and 7ish (I wasn't actually here, but Doug fed him around then). Heck, I can deal with that!

Christmas was good. He definitely gets overstimluated easily and needs a dark place to calm down.. He got really cranky several times :/ I did too, but thats a different story. Thankfully "pass the baby" didn't get played too much. Dr M told us to be careful since his first round of vax aren't til mid-Jan and it's cold/flu/RSV season. I'm sure people got mad at me, but sorry, my Ollie and his health come before pleasing people :P

Oh, he's been having major poo problems. He'll just wail and wail and nothing really comforts him until he's worn himself out. We've been putting Karo syrup in his bottle 2x a day, but it only makes the poo stinkier. I need to call the peds back on Monday if it;s not better - that'll be 5 days of trying it. Yesterday he pooed around 7am and that was it until 4am! It was a lot, but still, thats not good.