Thursday, February 26, 2009

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

I have barely a minute to type this all out:

Last night, I was in the shower and I hear a THUD. Oh crap, right? I yell for Doug, no answer, I run out, he's holding his wrist in the kitchen, he had fallen over the baby gate. I do Ollie's bath (of which, of course, we ran out of hot water because I had left the water running when I went out to check on Doug), Ollie's screaming bloody murder, Doug's in pain, so I wrap Ollie up, dry him off, bundle him in a fleece sleeper, get Doug dressed and off we go.

We sit, we show off the baby (I work in the ER, so everyone wanted to see him in all his sleepy cuteness), Doug gets x-rays, we sit, we wait. Doc comes back in and says he thinks there's a slight fracture of his radial head (the top of the radius where it meets at the elbow), and a shady spot of his humeral head at the (correct me if I'm wrong) epicondyl head. The xrays were a little shady because of the swelling, but Doc said that because of the swelling of the fat pad and there's a shadow that looks like bone on the xray, added in to the pain and swelling he had, it's more than likely a fracture. Soooo, Doug is in a splinty thing from his wrist to.. yep, his shoulder. We have to make an appointment with an orthopedist to get more xrays done and to see if he needs a cast or whatnot. Yaaaay.

So he's off of work until Friday and I'm, obviously off today. I'm probably going to have to call in to work Wednesday, because Doug can't watch Ollie with only one arm and I don't want them out anywhere til 11:15ish (I want Ollie in bed by 9-9:30, if I can help it!). Arrrgggg.

The good thing is Ollie-man slept through the whole visit. He woke up about 10 minutes after we got home, wanting to eat....that was around 2 and he hadn't eaten since 7pm!! Why can't we adjust those hours to make it more like 12am-6am? :P

Oh! And all this is after we got Doug's car inspected and the mechanic told us we had to get his tire rod (tie ron? I'm not a mechanic :P) fixed.. We drive it to Page to take itto Dad's mechaninc and guess what? That tire tie roddy ron thing is fiiiine. Yay for that :P We almost spent $250 in uneccessary mechanic work...arrrggggg.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009


So yesterday, Beth and I had lunch at TGIFridays. We got the mac & cheese that was on the Ultimate Recipe Showdown. Ohhh it was soooo good. We also went to Target where Beth got me the Fray CD! Woo! We ordered pizzas from Ledos (the second best pizza - Uno's is the first ultimate best, still!) to bring home. Came home, Doug was already home and we ate our pizza and played on the Wii Fit (ok, Doug played, I watched and held the O-ster).

Oh, something about Target and me holding Ollie makes him spit up all over me. Boo!! Both times I was at Target yesterday he spat upon me :P

Today, Doug and I had assorted mouth-al appointments (He dentist, myself Orthodontist). After, we had a quick meal at Cracker Barrell (Boo on no bread pudding!!! :( ). Tonie came over after work and we were going to eat at Purple Foot, but they stop serving at 2 (who knew!?) but she bought me my present - MY LEMON CAKE!!!!!! Wooooooooo!!!! We also went to Walmart where I entered a pic of Ollie in the cutest baby contest (hehe, I think he should win, hands down, but we'll see. I did enter late.. oh well).

My mouth hurts :(

Oh! I forgot last time - the other day Doug and I went to WalMart and Ollie was fussy, so I was just carrying him around. I got tired at one point, put Dougs coat on one side of the seat n the cart, mine on the other side and his blankie behind him and he was sitting up in the cart!! I couldn't believe it! It was so incredibly cute, but then again, what that he does isn't? :P I've started writing a journal for him for later, just telling him about everytihng he's done and stuff :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So I win the award for worst blogger of the year :P

Lets see. Ollie is 16 weeks now! I'm 98% positive he's teething. There's a white spot under his gum on the bottom thats more firm than the rest of his gum...he's had cranky days and thats the only thing I can think of... I can't wait for a one toothy grin!!! He really likes this windmill toy Brandon had, so I bought him one. I'll post pics soon. He's not screaming through baths anymore, doing really well holding his head up and occasionally sleeps in HIS bed, not mommy & daddys :P Oh! He loves standing up by holding your thumbs (make sense?) He can hold himself up for a minute or so!! I can't believe how adorable he is! Oh, he loves this Carter's taggie blanket thing.... I keep losing it! We lost it at Circut City one day, but THANKFULLY an employee picked it up. I guess he saw me frantically looking for something and he asked if it was ours. THEN, we lost it at Rancho (the Mexican place in Luray) except we had left it in the car. Sooo I ordered one off of eBay - for $33!!! Geeeeez.

with our tax return, we're getting him "big boy" car seats (Convertible ones). I figure we should order them when we have the money :P I'm also slowly getting him the Baby Einstein DVDs. He likes the original ones better than the newer ones...

We've had a busy time lately! Once a week we get together with Beth and Brandon, Nana came down this weekend so we saw her, Doug was off for a 3 day weekend this past weekend. Our house is getting clean - slowly. It's amazing the amount of trash we have every week :P I hope it doesn't get windy because it'll all blow away!!

Next month (3/20), we're going to Hershey, PA for a night. (When I say we I mean Beth, Tom, Brandon, Doug, Olliver and I). Beth is desperate to see the New Kids on the Block concert, so I'm going with her. We're also going to take the boys swimming. We bought water proof carriers to wear in the pool and got them little swim trunks!! Oh, and they have a Carter's outlet O:-)