Monday, May 11, 2009

I had a pretty great first Mother's Day.

First, Doug made breakfast. Well, actually, first he had to go to the store...which took forever! Olliver and I were sitting in the backyard with the dogs when he got home - with flowers from Olliver :) He made breakfast (turkey bacon and bagels). We watched Swing Vote (which was ok) and then.. I forget what we did. I know we watched part of the Braves game (and they won!). We went to lunch at Red Lobster around 2:30 -and by some miracle were able to walk in and get seated! The tables beside us were irritating, but oh well :P Olliver behaved well (he normally does when we're out). We went to the mall to look for a charm bracelet for me (but the only ones I found were like $600 - yes, 2 zeros. I bought my onesie exchange outfit for my WLG board and we went to Michaels. I got a step stone kit thing to make - you know, pour the cement in and decorate it, let it sit and its a stepping stone. We went to WalMart and got stuff for dinner - shishkabobs!!! Yummy. Doug grilled them while Ollie and I sat outside with him. We came in, ate and watched another movie (which I lost interest in) and then at 8:30 Doug went to Food Lion to get brownie mix so we could have brownies for desert. Yummy.

It was a great day, although we didn't do anything extraordinary or anything. It was great to not have to cook, I didn't worry about cleaning (although I'm paying for that today, oh well :P) and we just had fun :)

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