Friday, January 2, 2009

First, our computer was broken, which accounts fir the lack of posts...

So hopefully I don't jinx myself, but Wed night, Olliver got up at 12:30, 3:30 and 6:30. Last night it was 12, 4 and 7ish (I wasn't actually here, but Doug fed him around then). Heck, I can deal with that!

Christmas was good. He definitely gets overstimluated easily and needs a dark place to calm down.. He got really cranky several times :/ I did too, but thats a different story. Thankfully "pass the baby" didn't get played too much. Dr M told us to be careful since his first round of vax aren't til mid-Jan and it's cold/flu/RSV season. I'm sure people got mad at me, but sorry, my Ollie and his health come before pleasing people :P

Oh, he's been having major poo problems. He'll just wail and wail and nothing really comforts him until he's worn himself out. We've been putting Karo syrup in his bottle 2x a day, but it only makes the poo stinkier. I need to call the peds back on Monday if it;s not better - that'll be 5 days of trying it. Yesterday he pooed around 7am and that was it until 4am! It was a lot, but still, thats not good.

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Chessie said...

did you stay in page co by yourself?? i think it was up until almost 4 months Phoenix wanted to be fed every 2hrs and would only drink 4oz or less. Its better now since we started solids and cereal. She can go like 4 maybe even 5hrs if she's really entertained..