Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So our little guy is under the weather :( We've had several bad vomiting episodes and several equally bad diarrhea episodes :( We saw Dr DeVries today and he said Tylenol for a fever, lethargy, etc. and to give him Pedialyte. Olliver seems to LOVE fruit flavored (no specific fruit, I suppose it's like fruit punch?) Pedialyte, he's sucked down 2 servings of it (8oz each) so far!

Holy crap! Thunder batman!!!!

Beth, Brandon, Doug, Olliver and I are going to Baltimore this weekend (if everyone stays semi-healthy!) We're going to the Maryland Zoo (did you know strollers are not allowed in the National Aquarium?? I think it's ridiculous because I'd think that most of their visitors would be wanting to use a stroller! I guess we'll just have to plan a trip to our other favorite aquarium in Georgia soon!!!) and a Braves vs. Orioles game. I can't wait - room service, swimming, etc. It'll be a nice mini-vacation I think.

Not much else - oh! Even Dr DV commented on how strong Olliver is! He loves standing, LOVES his walker and jumpers and hates hates hates sitting still!!! I have a boy who is going to skip crawling, skip walking and go straight to running, I think!! Next week we get our new bed! Our mattress is crappy and lumpy and leaning to one side, sooo we're getting a new - bigger! mattress! I can't wait! I'm hoping it'll help my back problems, but we'll see.

Ok, I better go before this storm electrocutes me for being on the computer!

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