Wednesday, December 29, 2010

SAHM I am.

I decided I needed to refresh this blog. It's been almost a year and it needs love. Since baby girl is on her way (but not soon, I don't think. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be like an elephant and be pregnant for, ohh, ever?) I renamed this "SAHM I Am" I know, creative right? I should right books about hopping on pop and battles of butter and places you'll go (if you're pregnant, like me, that book would be about the bathroom and kitchen). But, I digress.

For those of you just joining us, I am Megan. I am married to Doug (see picture 1!). We've been married for 5 years and, surprisingly enough, neither of us has lost any limbs. Doug and I have a wonderful, rambunctious, crazy, polite, sweetheart, Olliver (see picture 2! Aren't we a cute just home from the hospital family? That was before sleep deprivation set in, by the way). Olliver was born via c-section on 10/26/08 due to his breech-ness and my pre-eclampsia. In May of this year (I can only say that for a little bit longer) we found out we were pregnant with #2! Little Miss E (her name to be revealed at her birth, which, remember, I'm going for elephant status will be in 8 more years :P) is due 1/26/11. My dad is hoping for 1/19 - his 60th birthday. I'm hoping for either 1/18 or 1/19. So, she'll come like, 2/5. Funny note - Olliver's and Doug's birthdays are both on the 26th of the month. My birthday is the 18th of the month. Now you see why the 18th would be a cute day to have a baby!

More about us? Doug works in a local library and I, am a SAHM. SAHM, I am. No, we have no cats in hats in our house, I'm allergic. We do have 2 dogs, however and they refuse to wear hats. Doug wears hats, however. He likes hats. Oh, and drawing on himself. He loves that. Ollie loves fruit snacks, ZhuZhu pets and his mischievous partner in crime, Dee (See picture. Dee is the lovey blanket that is normally blue, occasionally brown. There is some debate as to if the blanket head is a cow or a giraffe. Ignore the wildly erratic dancing shadow, that's my BF Julie. You'll hear lots more about her later, I'm sure.). Me? I like NCIS, fudge and pistachios. Yep. That's how I'm describing myself. I do work PRN (which means hardly ever) in our local ER, which I love (Julie works there too. See, I told you you'd hear more about her!). We cloth diaper Ollie and Miss E (well, I can't say I CD her right now, since she's you know, in my uterus. But the plan is to CD her!). We co-sleep, do delayed vaccines and extended rear facing car seats. Olliver is 26 months and around 28lbs and still rear facing in his Graco MyRide. He loves his PBJ and "cheeses" (grilled or macaroni and, depending on the day). We made the majority of his baby food and hope to do the same for E. I suppose you could say we're "crunchy" in our ways, but it's just what feels right to us.