Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm truly saddend by Jon & Kate Goesslin. I really hoped they'd be able to work out their relationship for the kids. It sounds like they want to remain friends and are attempting to keep the kids happy. :(

On a happier note, here is part of Dougs Father's Day present:

(the letters spell daddy). We went to the park and relaxed all day :)

and more cute pants for you:

How cute is he???

Monday, June 15, 2009

Not me Monday!

I just realized it's Not Me Monday! For an explanation, visit !

I most certainly did not let my child poop on a hotel floor (ok, not all the poop, just the I took the other diaper away and haven't gotten the other one on yet poop). The hotel would most certianly have not deserved it, either!

I'm definitely not enjoying The Suite Life of Zach and Cody, The Suite Life on Deck and Wizards of Waverly Place and do not watch them every day.

I do not have 3 loads of laundry to put away and 2 in the machines. Not me.

I also do not have a bedroom to get clean before tomorrow morning, when our new bed is delivered. And I certainly do not not know when the last time under the bed was cleaned.

And, lastly, DH did not give our little son powdered sugar off of a funnel cake. Nope, not him.
Ugh. Lots to write about.

Ollie was sick with a stomach bug. It lasted several long, miserable days. We went to the dr Tuesday & Friday. He seems to be normal as of yesterday/today. He pooped on the carpet of the hotel. Haha, take that crappy hotel!

We had fun in Baltimore. (More on that later. Ollie's thrashing in my lap). He loved the monkeys, elephants and fish at the zoo. I think the boys might have enjoyed the aquarium more, but oh well :P Ollie picked out a stuffed monkey for a souvenir (did we expect anything else?).
Hotel. Zoo (my reminders for later).

We're getting our new bed tomorrow. I had to go out and buy new sheets (it's a King size!!!) on top of cleaning the bedroom. Of course, now Ollie wants to be in my arms and I can't get anymore cleaning done. Arg! Oh well.

I think theres more, but I can't think..Hm. Traffic on 95/66 sucks! It took us 7.5 hours to get home, when it only took us about 3 to get there!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oh! Ollie is 18lbs 6 oz! Brandon was 17lbs 3 oz on Monday, this is the closest they've been weighed since they were born!
So our little guy is under the weather :( We've had several bad vomiting episodes and several equally bad diarrhea episodes :( We saw Dr DeVries today and he said Tylenol for a fever, lethargy, etc. and to give him Pedialyte. Olliver seems to LOVE fruit flavored (no specific fruit, I suppose it's like fruit punch?) Pedialyte, he's sucked down 2 servings of it (8oz each) so far!

Holy crap! Thunder batman!!!!

Beth, Brandon, Doug, Olliver and I are going to Baltimore this weekend (if everyone stays semi-healthy!) We're going to the Maryland Zoo (did you know strollers are not allowed in the National Aquarium?? I think it's ridiculous because I'd think that most of their visitors would be wanting to use a stroller! I guess we'll just have to plan a trip to our other favorite aquarium in Georgia soon!!!) and a Braves vs. Orioles game. I can't wait - room service, swimming, etc. It'll be a nice mini-vacation I think.

Not much else - oh! Even Dr DV commented on how strong Olliver is! He loves standing, LOVES his walker and jumpers and hates hates hates sitting still!!! I have a boy who is going to skip crawling, skip walking and go straight to running, I think!! Next week we get our new bed! Our mattress is crappy and lumpy and leaning to one side, sooo we're getting a new - bigger! mattress! I can't wait! I'm hoping it'll help my back problems, but we'll see.

Ok, I better go before this storm electrocutes me for being on the computer!