Saturday, July 18, 2009


we have 2 bottom teef!!!! They've come up farther since this pic, but let me tell you.. this little boy is VERY protective of his teeth!! he doesn't want people to see them or definitely take pics.

we've started having a more set schedule (of course in time for vacation to mess it up :P ). its kind of nice to know he wants a bottle at 11 and 2ish and dinner better not be after 6ish or he gets maaaad. bedtime routine starts at 8 with a PJ & overnight diaper change.

we bought a foam letter playmat thing that he loves to sit, play and roll on. It definitely makes our days easier! we're going to pack up his jumper :( and move the tv over to give him more room toplay, which will be nice. our living room is starting to look like the romper room :P we have the jumper, highchair, walker, playmat, a walker wagon and an activity table :P and let me tell you - my living room is NOT big!! I'm pretty sure that ollie has decided that rolling is the way to go - he will roll all over the LR to get to whatever toy he wants. actually, tonight i noticed him scooting. i know once he starts crawling, i'm going to have a time of it chasing & picking up after him. i'm ok with our rolling :P he still managed to find a french fry, my shoes (several times i might add).. i forget what else :P

we got "vintage" pics done yesterday. well, by "we" i mean ollie and doug and i made sure he didn't fall over :P i think they'll turn out good. i'm not sure how many we'll get b/c they are EXPENSIVE!!!

on a me note, i'm pretty much 100% after surgery. i have my followup apt tuesday, but i don't foresee any problems. i also really need to get my hair cut before we go to florida or i will diiieee of heat exposure :P

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