Thursday, February 19, 2009


So yesterday, Beth and I had lunch at TGIFridays. We got the mac & cheese that was on the Ultimate Recipe Showdown. Ohhh it was soooo good. We also went to Target where Beth got me the Fray CD! Woo! We ordered pizzas from Ledos (the second best pizza - Uno's is the first ultimate best, still!) to bring home. Came home, Doug was already home and we ate our pizza and played on the Wii Fit (ok, Doug played, I watched and held the O-ster).

Oh, something about Target and me holding Ollie makes him spit up all over me. Boo!! Both times I was at Target yesterday he spat upon me :P

Today, Doug and I had assorted mouth-al appointments (He dentist, myself Orthodontist). After, we had a quick meal at Cracker Barrell (Boo on no bread pudding!!! :( ). Tonie came over after work and we were going to eat at Purple Foot, but they stop serving at 2 (who knew!?) but she bought me my present - MY LEMON CAKE!!!!!! Wooooooooo!!!! We also went to Walmart where I entered a pic of Ollie in the cutest baby contest (hehe, I think he should win, hands down, but we'll see. I did enter late.. oh well).

My mouth hurts :(

Oh! I forgot last time - the other day Doug and I went to WalMart and Ollie was fussy, so I was just carrying him around. I got tired at one point, put Dougs coat on one side of the seat n the cart, mine on the other side and his blankie behind him and he was sitting up in the cart!! I couldn't believe it! It was so incredibly cute, but then again, what that he does isn't? :P I've started writing a journal for him for later, just telling him about everytihng he's done and stuff :)

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