Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

Doug is making me breakfast (bacon and a bagel) right now, we're going to watch Swing Vote and then maybe go to the park for a bit. For lunch, we're going to head to Red Lobster and look for a charm bracelet for me, then go to Michaels to get a step stone kit thing. I want to put Ollie's hand and foot prints in it :)

Speaking of my little dude, he got me flowers for Mother's Day - daisies, my favorite. Mom & Dad sent roses on Friday, too. Our house has lots of flowers! :D Oh! Olliver also fell asleep in his high chair during breakfast! He woke up a few seconds later, but it was cute.

Yesterday we went to May Days, Spring Fesitval, Festival of May whatever it's called in Luray. It was stinkin' hot. Both boys were very hot, so we went to WalMart, bought an inflatable pool, took it to moms, inflated it, filled it and the water was freezing... sooo no swimming. I did eat a smore, though!! :D And a banana boat. I love grilled desserts! Anyway, MayFestDayFestival is a lot like Fall Folliage in my opinion. Nice, but not that great :P

I got a Jeep Jogging stroller at a yard sale yesterday. Yes, I know we bought one at a yard sale last weekend, but the tires need replacing. I think Doug wants to fix it and put it in his car. OMG, the jogging stroller is sooo stinkin' easy to drive, I love it! We used it at the thingy yesterday and it was great! It's heavy and doesn't like to fit easily in my trunk, but oh well, I love it anyway :P I just need a bigger car.

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