Thursday, May 28, 2009

At his 6 month appointment (when he was almost 7 mos old) Olliver was 27 3/4 inches, 18 in head circ and 17.7 lbs. Big boy! He's tall for his age with a head to match his height, but still under in weight. He's getting better about sitting up, loves eating, loves monkeys, is trying to hold his own sippy, eating puffs, loves eating, loves his walker! he tries to go to the TV and watch it. He manuevered through my yard sale-ized living room to the TV the other day to watch baseball :P Silly little monkey boy! Oh, did I mention he loves to eat? We have munchkin feeders that he loves using. We've put bananas, apple, cantalope and strawberries in there and he has a ball gnawing on them :) Ollie's been getting a LOT better about sitting in high chairs at restaurants, which is good!

It's been hectic around here! We've had picnics, we're getting ready for a yard sale this weekend and next month, Doug, Brandon, Beth, Olliver and I are going to the Baltimore aquarium and an Orioles/Braves game! Yaaaay :)

I've been addicted to - it's a site where you can trade new/used Gymboree clothes :D They're having a sale starting Sunday and I can't wait!

Ugh, I need to get back to pricing, catagorizing, etc yard sale stuff. I can't wait to have my living room back!!!

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