Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So I win the award for worst blogger of the year :P

Lets see. Ollie is 16 weeks now! I'm 98% positive he's teething. There's a white spot under his gum on the bottom thats more firm than the rest of his gum...he's had cranky days and thats the only thing I can think of... I can't wait for a one toothy grin!!! He really likes this windmill toy Brandon had, so I bought him one. I'll post pics soon. He's not screaming through baths anymore, doing really well holding his head up and occasionally sleeps in HIS bed, not mommy & daddys :P Oh! He loves standing up by holding your thumbs (make sense?) He can hold himself up for a minute or so!! I can't believe how adorable he is! Oh, he loves this Carter's taggie blanket thing.... I keep losing it! We lost it at Circut City one day, but THANKFULLY an employee picked it up. I guess he saw me frantically looking for something and he asked if it was ours. THEN, we lost it at Rancho (the Mexican place in Luray) except we had left it in the car. Sooo I ordered one off of eBay - for $33!!! Geeeeez.

with our tax return, we're getting him "big boy" car seats (Convertible ones). I figure we should order them when we have the money :P I'm also slowly getting him the Baby Einstein DVDs. He likes the original ones better than the newer ones...

We've had a busy time lately! Once a week we get together with Beth and Brandon, Nana came down this weekend so we saw her, Doug was off for a 3 day weekend this past weekend. Our house is getting clean - slowly. It's amazing the amount of trash we have every week :P I hope it doesn't get windy because it'll all blow away!!

Next month (3/20), we're going to Hershey, PA for a night. (When I say we I mean Beth, Tom, Brandon, Doug, Olliver and I). Beth is desperate to see the New Kids on the Block concert, so I'm going with her. We're also going to take the boys swimming. We bought water proof carriers to wear in the pool and got them little swim trunks!! Oh, and they have a Carter's outlet O:-)

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