Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ollie had his first vaccines today :( I'm pretty sure he did better than I did.. Since we're doing Dr. Bob's delayed schedule (It's from "The Vaccine Book" by Robert Sears), he only got DTaP and rotovirus and goes back next month for HiB and PnC. He gobbled the rotovirus vaccine (weirdo kid) and did ok for the shot, cried after, but when we cuddled him, was ok. He is 11lbs 6 oz and 23 inches, which moves him up into the 15th percentile, almost (he was in the 5th when he was born, so he's catching up slowly!). Oh, Dr M also gave us the go ahead to put the dark Karo syrup in all his bottles, hopefully getting his poo's to be better. He said once we start him on baby food (especially fruits) it should help, as well. Next appointment (which is March to see him) we'll talk about starting him on rice cereal! I can't believe he's almost 3 months old... that's a quarter of a year! That's a long time!

As for Doug & I... we think the fridge may be leaking, oh joys! It's supposed to get really cold tonight into this weekend, so we're staying in as much as possible.

I just bought Ollie these (OH, I love ebay!)

I got the ugly fish because he LOVES staring at the fish on his swing, which are brightly colored. We'll see if he likes this one as well...

And the puppy because he "stole" his daddy's stuffed dog. Hopefully one of them will like the new one :)

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