Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday

MckMama created the Not Me Monday carnival to fess up to embarassing things she had most certainly not done that week. Here goes:

So, this past week I did not turn the AC up really cold in the bedroom, even though DH hates it cold, saying that it has to be cool in the bedroom for Olliver.

I surely did not find Boo eating his daddy's socks this morning, took it away and he found 2 more. I most certainly did not consider taking a picture to show his daddy why he needs to put socks away.

I didn't tell DH several times it was his turn to change Olliver when I knew there was poop in there. No way would I do that!

I did not think Olliver had lost his pacifier, dug around in the couch and then found my bra. I have no idea.
I most certainly did not discover Lay's Heavenly Baked Potato Dip and have consumed 2 bags of Ruffles in the past week. Including dinner last night.
I also did not make a whole bag of lentils, thinking that would not be too much for baby food. I did not make a WHOLE POT of lentils and end up having Doug throw about 90% of them away. Definitely not me {us}.

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Nicole said...

ha! about the binkie...totally has happened to me...the beans AND the binkie...