Monday, June 15, 2009

Ugh. Lots to write about.

Ollie was sick with a stomach bug. It lasted several long, miserable days. We went to the dr Tuesday & Friday. He seems to be normal as of yesterday/today. He pooped on the carpet of the hotel. Haha, take that crappy hotel!

We had fun in Baltimore. (More on that later. Ollie's thrashing in my lap). He loved the monkeys, elephants and fish at the zoo. I think the boys might have enjoyed the aquarium more, but oh well :P Ollie picked out a stuffed monkey for a souvenir (did we expect anything else?).
Hotel. Zoo (my reminders for later).

We're getting our new bed tomorrow. I had to go out and buy new sheets (it's a King size!!!) on top of cleaning the bedroom. Of course, now Ollie wants to be in my arms and I can't get anymore cleaning done. Arg! Oh well.

I think theres more, but I can't think..Hm. Traffic on 95/66 sucks! It took us 7.5 hours to get home, when it only took us about 3 to get there!!!

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