Sunday, December 21, 2008

Not much going on. Ollieboo hasn't rolled over again since the first time. I've been trying everything I can to get him to sleep at night. Last night I used the Johnson's bedtime lotion.. it didn't seem to work until this morning :P We took the positioner out of the cosleeper and he slept better, but started fussing half way through the night and slept on my chest in the recliner, and then in bed. THEN little booger slept with Doug in bed from 8-10:30 while I cleaned and made breakfast!

I'm working on switching some of his laundry into 0-3 months. He still fits in the NB, but some of the 0-3 month fit, too. My little boy is growing up!! He's 8 weeks old today! I can't believe it already!!! Yikes! I have to remember to take his 2 month pics today..

Thursday, December 18, 2008

OLLIE ROLLED OVER!!! I had him on his tummy and I was taking pics - next thing I know he's on his back!!! I'll upload the pics soon :)

(typing 1 handed, forgivethe lack of caps)

so my apt went well. bp was good 144/67. dr bendfeldt said to stop the meds, have another apt in a week to check it (which is on cmas eve.. booo.. hey! i should take him cookies!). i dont understand if my bp is good ON the meds why take mne off? wont it shoot up? i missed a dose before my last apt - just 1 - and it was 170/80.. oh well, we'll see.

i took some cute ollie bathtime pics tonight... we didn't have any (ok, not bath time b/c he screams through the whole thing, but laying in the towel pics). i'll try to upload them tm.

Christmas is one week away. ONE. i can't believe it.. i think b/c we've had NO snow that i'm a little not-in-the-spirit... oh well, we might get some this weekend :(

oh, haha. i had to change cptn fussy pants due to a pee-out and i put the new onesie on backwards... in my defense i had just woken up at 3 am and it was a plain white onesie :P

Monday, December 15, 2008

Ollie-pants and I were busy today. We started off by watching a Christmas movie I had DVR'ed (Carol Christmas) and then went to the AMC Christmas party - which is the BEST food they serve all year, no way was I missing that! - with Julie, Chessie and Phoenix (aww, a double date??). After, we went to the Post Office and Library to visit Daddy. He slept a lot today, so I'm worried about tonight, but we'll deal.

Olliver's doing better holding up his head! Also, when he's awake, he's so alert, looking around and trying to follow objects with his eyes. I've been trying to use musical, jangly, lightup toys for him to focus on :) He's also discovered his tongue, I think.. sometimes he just laps with it, like a dog getting water! LOL

I can't wait for his first Christmas, even though he won't remember or understand it. He has so many things under the tree already (and I have several more to wrap) I can't stop getting him things!!

As for me, I have another (I think the last?) blood pressure checkup Wednesday morning. I think that if it's still up, that I'll be on the Labetalol for good (or atleast, good for now). I also have a hair appointment and a pre-Christmas massage Friday with Beth. Yay for sister's time!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gripe water is the greatest invention ever.
We are officially in size 1 diapers! We had 2 pee-outs last night and I'm pretty sure its because the dipes were too small. I need to get by AMC at some point to buy another box of the size 1s. (Thank goodness Tonie got us some!!) The good thing is they have the pee line on them - I LOVE the pee line!!

On the flea front, I think we're going to bathe them in Dawn detergent, spray them down with salt water and then vaccum off our furniture/bed and put moth balls in the vaccum bag. That might cut them out.. that's pretty much all the natural ways I found.

Christmas shopping is almost done in our house. It's crazy to think that Santa will visit our house this year (ok, so he kinda already did. I figure he came because he knew Ollie wouldn't know the difference and there are SO many kids he has to deliver for that he appreciated me letting him come a little early ;) I think there's one present that he'll drop by on Christmas Eve). It's hard to believe that Christmas from here on out will actually be CHRISTMAS. I know it sounds weird, but when it's just adults it's not as exciting as it is to see a kid's face light up.

Here's 2 traditions I want to start -
1) Letting Ollie pick out a toy at the store (give him a price range) and donate it to Toy Convoy or something. If we can swing it, I'd like to 'adopt' a kid for Christmas and let him help pick out all the toys so he can get the idea of Christmas giving and not just getting.
2) Get an elf (I think my mom said she had one, actually) and let him be Santa's "Helper" who reports back to him. Put out Mr Elf after Thanksgiving or so, and tell him (or them, depedning on if any siblings have come along) that Mr Elf will tell Santa if he's good or bad, so he better behave if he wants presents. Let the Elf bring a small present perhaps (a movie or something) when he comes.

Well, Oll-ster and I have to go pay the water bill and the rain isn't going to let up any, so I might as well do it while I'm thinking of it.
So there was a problem with a printer or something, so no Boompa-Santa photos yet.

Tonight was bath time - oh, how he loooves that. He screams his head off almost the entire time. There was a little improvement because there was probably about.. oh, 20 seconds he didn't scream?

He's started sitting in the bouncy seat today. He actually sat there for an hour or so while I wrapped presents! Way to go, both of us! I never have wrapping done this early on! I've found that if I turn the vibrate feature on right after he's down, and then turn the womb sound on he'll sit there for awhile.

Nothing else giong on except our house is invaded by fleas - again. The dogs have been in the kitchen almost exclusively - and not in our bedroom, for sure - and yet we have fleas in the house. Arrrrggg. Any natural ways to get rid of them??

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's not easy to photograph babies on demand.. we got some good shots still, though. Thankfully, the vomiting didn't happen til after all were taken, oye. I've never seen a baby vomit like that before.. (he ate too much too fast after too much excitement).

Last night, Doug put Ollie to bed. He woke up at 1:58 to eat, then he slept until 5! I fed him, we slept on the couch (he in his boppy) from 5:30ish until 8!! Yes!! Let's keep this up!!

Today we get to try to finish Christmas shopping.. let's hope this trip to Books A Million is better than the last!

Monday, December 8, 2008

so ollie's laying in my lap as i'm eating my fritos. i hold a frito in front of his nose and say "this is a corn chip" he smells it, picks his head up to get closer, opened his mouth a bit and uses his hand to bat it out of my hand! i think he wanted to eat it, lol.

Who needs sleep?

So at 4 am, I decided to open a family blog for us. This way, everyone can keep up with what Ollie's doing (and not doing, like sleep!) No need for comments, but if you'd like, go for it :) No guarantees I can answer everything, though! I don't normally spend this time on the computer, just trying to make Olliver fall asleep - ha! He's on his boppy beside me, approving everything I write ;)

So Mr Ollie pants has decided I don't need sleep. He got up at 2:07, ate 2 oz, needed to be changed, ate 2 more oz, pooped (and after the poo-splosion last night, I took no chances), wanted 2 more oz and then decided he wasn't sure, but thought he wanted 2 more. That bottle is still in front of me, barely anything out of it. It'll expire right around 4:45, so I'm sure at 5 he'll want more. :P

Yesterday (Sunday) was a big day for him. First, it was his 6 week old birthday :) I can't believe it's been 6 weeks!!! Seriously it feels like it was just last week. On the other hand, it feels like he's been here forever and always been a part of our family. Also, we spent the night with Brandon! (ok, and Beth, Roro and Boompa - more on the names later). Dad (my dad that is) was Santa at his store, so we wanted to get pics of both boys with him for their first Christmas/first Santa pics :) They'll pick them up tomorrow and I"ll get my copies Tuesday, I assume.

I'll have to post pics and his birth story at some point. Ha, maybe tomorrow at 4 am.