Thursday, May 28, 2009

At his 6 month appointment (when he was almost 7 mos old) Olliver was 27 3/4 inches, 18 in head circ and 17.7 lbs. Big boy! He's tall for his age with a head to match his height, but still under in weight. He's getting better about sitting up, loves eating, loves monkeys, is trying to hold his own sippy, eating puffs, loves eating, loves his walker! he tries to go to the TV and watch it. He manuevered through my yard sale-ized living room to the TV the other day to watch baseball :P Silly little monkey boy! Oh, did I mention he loves to eat? We have munchkin feeders that he loves using. We've put bananas, apple, cantalope and strawberries in there and he has a ball gnawing on them :) Ollie's been getting a LOT better about sitting in high chairs at restaurants, which is good!

It's been hectic around here! We've had picnics, we're getting ready for a yard sale this weekend and next month, Doug, Brandon, Beth, Olliver and I are going to the Baltimore aquarium and an Orioles/Braves game! Yaaaay :)

I've been addicted to - it's a site where you can trade new/used Gymboree clothes :D They're having a sale starting Sunday and I can't wait!

Ugh, I need to get back to pricing, catagorizing, etc yard sale stuff. I can't wait to have my living room back!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Olliver is 17.8 lbs! Chunky Monkey!!

We had to go to the doc's today because he decided it'd be fun to scream from 4:30 yesterday afternoon until 7:30 this morning - well, scream when he wasn't sleeping. We tried teethers, we tried Tylenol, we tried Orajel, we tried bottles, we tried rocking, singing, music, sleeping - nada. I called the ped and he stopped :P Anyway, we saw Dr V - a new doc we hadn't seen - he said he has a cold in his ear, a regular cold, possibly a tooth coming in and had a fever. Oye! My poor boy :( If he's still fussing by Friday we're supposed to come back to recheck the ear to see if it turns into an infection. If not, then we'll go in Monday for his 6month visit.

And of course he just started fussing. Mmmm. I'll try to fiish this later.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I had a pretty great first Mother's Day.

First, Doug made breakfast. Well, actually, first he had to go to the store...which took forever! Olliver and I were sitting in the backyard with the dogs when he got home - with flowers from Olliver :) He made breakfast (turkey bacon and bagels). We watched Swing Vote (which was ok) and then.. I forget what we did. I know we watched part of the Braves game (and they won!). We went to lunch at Red Lobster around 2:30 -and by some miracle were able to walk in and get seated! The tables beside us were irritating, but oh well :P Olliver behaved well (he normally does when we're out). We went to the mall to look for a charm bracelet for me (but the only ones I found were like $600 - yes, 2 zeros. I bought my onesie exchange outfit for my WLG board and we went to Michaels. I got a step stone kit thing to make - you know, pour the cement in and decorate it, let it sit and its a stepping stone. We went to WalMart and got stuff for dinner - shishkabobs!!! Yummy. Doug grilled them while Ollie and I sat outside with him. We came in, ate and watched another movie (which I lost interest in) and then at 8:30 Doug went to Food Lion to get brownie mix so we could have brownies for desert. Yummy.

It was a great day, although we didn't do anything extraordinary or anything. It was great to not have to cook, I didn't worry about cleaning (although I'm paying for that today, oh well :P) and we just had fun :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

Doug is making me breakfast (bacon and a bagel) right now, we're going to watch Swing Vote and then maybe go to the park for a bit. For lunch, we're going to head to Red Lobster and look for a charm bracelet for me, then go to Michaels to get a step stone kit thing. I want to put Ollie's hand and foot prints in it :)

Speaking of my little dude, he got me flowers for Mother's Day - daisies, my favorite. Mom & Dad sent roses on Friday, too. Our house has lots of flowers! :D Oh! Olliver also fell asleep in his high chair during breakfast! He woke up a few seconds later, but it was cute.

Yesterday we went to May Days, Spring Fesitval, Festival of May whatever it's called in Luray. It was stinkin' hot. Both boys were very hot, so we went to WalMart, bought an inflatable pool, took it to moms, inflated it, filled it and the water was freezing... sooo no swimming. I did eat a smore, though!! :D And a banana boat. I love grilled desserts! Anyway, MayFestDayFestival is a lot like Fall Folliage in my opinion. Nice, but not that great :P

I got a Jeep Jogging stroller at a yard sale yesterday. Yes, I know we bought one at a yard sale last weekend, but the tires need replacing. I think Doug wants to fix it and put it in his car. OMG, the jogging stroller is sooo stinkin' easy to drive, I love it! We used it at the thingy yesterday and it was great! It's heavy and doesn't like to fit easily in my trunk, but oh well, I love it anyway :P I just need a bigger car.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday

MckMama created the Not Me Monday carnival to fess up to embarassing things she had most certainly not done that week. Here goes:

So, this past week I did not turn the AC up really cold in the bedroom, even though DH hates it cold, saying that it has to be cool in the bedroom for Olliver.

I surely did not find Boo eating his daddy's socks this morning, took it away and he found 2 more. I most certainly did not consider taking a picture to show his daddy why he needs to put socks away.

I didn't tell DH several times it was his turn to change Olliver when I knew there was poop in there. No way would I do that!

I did not think Olliver had lost his pacifier, dug around in the couch and then found my bra. I have no idea.
I most certainly did not discover Lay's Heavenly Baked Potato Dip and have consumed 2 bags of Ruffles in the past week. Including dinner last night.
I also did not make a whole bag of lentils, thinking that would not be too much for baby food. I did not make a WHOLE POT of lentils and end up having Doug throw about 90% of them away. Definitely not me {us}.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

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