Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We had a decent Easter. Olliver's been getting sick, and it climaxed this weekend, of course. Saturday we went to see my grandmother and aunt, uncles and cousins. Oh, and of course we hit the Carter's outlet :D Unfortunatly, he was in his carseat for about 6-7 hours that day :(

Anyway, we went to the dr's yesterday and he said it's just a cold, but he's wheezing, so we got a script for Albuterol (liquid, not in an inhaler). I'm only giving it to him when he NEEDS it.

Food updates: He's now tried apples, bananas, carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, pears, peaches.. I'm sure I'm missing something. We're held up on making the peas or green beans because our Magic Bullet broke :/

I'm determined to get our house in a better order. This morning I've put 4 loads of laundry away, got more going and I'm trying to plan for dinner. Too many evenings it seems I don't feel like cooking, Doug doesn't want to cook and we get food from out. I'm going to start trying new recipes, I think so we can expand our choices :P I'm tired of tacos and spaghetti and blahblahblah. Oh, I'm also determined to find a mommy n me type group. There has to be one SOMEWHERE around here..

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Anonymous said...

Cooking.. yay! Awww.. bullet died? :(

Does he seem to be picky with his foods at all?