Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm back! Again....

..for some reason, I can't figure out how to post on the iPad. Must make techno-DH figure that out.

Anyway. Vacation is in 2 days. Alright - a time away, a break, right?? Not so sure. The cast of characters : My mom & dad, my maternal grandmother, my godmother, my sister, my nephew, DH, myself, Kiddo and Missy. Yep. All of us. 2 weeks (actually 17 days, but who is counting, right?) Tempers will flare, the kids will be cranky, etc. I am worried about this, I'll admit it. I don't think any of my family (well, maybe the kids, not sure) have enough clothes to last that long. Which means laundry, mid trip. Boo. That's not taking a vacation! Plus, I'm torn - do I use our cloth diapers, knowing I'll have to wash them (several - like every other day) times during the trip?? Or do I take a vacation from them and use sposies (blech.)?? Oh, and let's not forget waiting in the train station (yes, my family travels by train, not plane :P And we've done the whole driving to FL thing, not a fan!) Anyway, we normally get to the train station around 10-11.. and can't board til 2-3.

In other news, both kids are doing well. Kiddo was potty trained for about a week, then who knows wha happened, and he's back in diapers full time, not wanting to use the potty at all. Missy is discovering her feet and is the best baby ever. She already STTN's (that's sleep through the night for all you non-BBC people), hardly cries or fusses and is just overly happy and wonderful :)

Now, I must get back to cleaning and packing for vacation, instead of procrastinating more :P Aaaand, I think I might have just ruined dinner.. oops.

Anyway, I'm sure we'll have some kind of time.. hopefully good.