Saturday, February 21, 2009

I have barely a minute to type this all out:

Last night, I was in the shower and I hear a THUD. Oh crap, right? I yell for Doug, no answer, I run out, he's holding his wrist in the kitchen, he had fallen over the baby gate. I do Ollie's bath (of which, of course, we ran out of hot water because I had left the water running when I went out to check on Doug), Ollie's screaming bloody murder, Doug's in pain, so I wrap Ollie up, dry him off, bundle him in a fleece sleeper, get Doug dressed and off we go.

We sit, we show off the baby (I work in the ER, so everyone wanted to see him in all his sleepy cuteness), Doug gets x-rays, we sit, we wait. Doc comes back in and says he thinks there's a slight fracture of his radial head (the top of the radius where it meets at the elbow), and a shady spot of his humeral head at the (correct me if I'm wrong) epicondyl head. The xrays were a little shady because of the swelling, but Doc said that because of the swelling of the fat pad and there's a shadow that looks like bone on the xray, added in to the pain and swelling he had, it's more than likely a fracture. Soooo, Doug is in a splinty thing from his wrist to.. yep, his shoulder. We have to make an appointment with an orthopedist to get more xrays done and to see if he needs a cast or whatnot. Yaaaay.

So he's off of work until Friday and I'm, obviously off today. I'm probably going to have to call in to work Wednesday, because Doug can't watch Ollie with only one arm and I don't want them out anywhere til 11:15ish (I want Ollie in bed by 9-9:30, if I can help it!). Arrrgggg.

The good thing is Ollie-man slept through the whole visit. He woke up about 10 minutes after we got home, wanting to eat....that was around 2 and he hadn't eaten since 7pm!! Why can't we adjust those hours to make it more like 12am-6am? :P

Oh! And all this is after we got Doug's car inspected and the mechanic told us we had to get his tire rod (tie ron? I'm not a mechanic :P) fixed.. We drive it to Page to take itto Dad's mechaninc and guess what? That tire tie roddy ron thing is fiiiine. Yay for that :P We almost spent $250 in uneccessary mechanic work...arrrggggg.

bn vcgf ff g bdfffessssxcvhhhhhhhhhhh jhhhhg bv - is Ollie's story :)

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