Monday, December 8, 2008

Who needs sleep?

So at 4 am, I decided to open a family blog for us. This way, everyone can keep up with what Ollie's doing (and not doing, like sleep!) No need for comments, but if you'd like, go for it :) No guarantees I can answer everything, though! I don't normally spend this time on the computer, just trying to make Olliver fall asleep - ha! He's on his boppy beside me, approving everything I write ;)

So Mr Ollie pants has decided I don't need sleep. He got up at 2:07, ate 2 oz, needed to be changed, ate 2 more oz, pooped (and after the poo-splosion last night, I took no chances), wanted 2 more oz and then decided he wasn't sure, but thought he wanted 2 more. That bottle is still in front of me, barely anything out of it. It'll expire right around 4:45, so I'm sure at 5 he'll want more. :P

Yesterday (Sunday) was a big day for him. First, it was his 6 week old birthday :) I can't believe it's been 6 weeks!!! Seriously it feels like it was just last week. On the other hand, it feels like he's been here forever and always been a part of our family. Also, we spent the night with Brandon! (ok, and Beth, Roro and Boompa - more on the names later). Dad (my dad that is) was Santa at his store, so we wanted to get pics of both boys with him for their first Christmas/first Santa pics :) They'll pick them up tomorrow and I"ll get my copies Tuesday, I assume.

I'll have to post pics and his birth story at some point. Ha, maybe tomorrow at 4 am.

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