Thursday, December 11, 2008

We are officially in size 1 diapers! We had 2 pee-outs last night and I'm pretty sure its because the dipes were too small. I need to get by AMC at some point to buy another box of the size 1s. (Thank goodness Tonie got us some!!) The good thing is they have the pee line on them - I LOVE the pee line!!

On the flea front, I think we're going to bathe them in Dawn detergent, spray them down with salt water and then vaccum off our furniture/bed and put moth balls in the vaccum bag. That might cut them out.. that's pretty much all the natural ways I found.

Christmas shopping is almost done in our house. It's crazy to think that Santa will visit our house this year (ok, so he kinda already did. I figure he came because he knew Ollie wouldn't know the difference and there are SO many kids he has to deliver for that he appreciated me letting him come a little early ;) I think there's one present that he'll drop by on Christmas Eve). It's hard to believe that Christmas from here on out will actually be CHRISTMAS. I know it sounds weird, but when it's just adults it's not as exciting as it is to see a kid's face light up.

Here's 2 traditions I want to start -
1) Letting Ollie pick out a toy at the store (give him a price range) and donate it to Toy Convoy or something. If we can swing it, I'd like to 'adopt' a kid for Christmas and let him help pick out all the toys so he can get the idea of Christmas giving and not just getting.
2) Get an elf (I think my mom said she had one, actually) and let him be Santa's "Helper" who reports back to him. Put out Mr Elf after Thanksgiving or so, and tell him (or them, depedning on if any siblings have come along) that Mr Elf will tell Santa if he's good or bad, so he better behave if he wants presents. Let the Elf bring a small present perhaps (a movie or something) when he comes.

Well, Oll-ster and I have to go pay the water bill and the rain isn't going to let up any, so I might as well do it while I'm thinking of it.


Anonymous said...

Like.. an actual elf... short person? Or like a little elf statue that just sits in the living room? I'm confused lol!

oh goodie pee outs!

Doug, Meg & Ollie said...

more like a statue. don't you think it'd be weird to have a short person live in my living room for a month??? dork!

Chessie said...

aww those are really cute ideas. i like the one about giving gifts to less fortunate children. that is great, teaching good morals : ) ahhh : )

yeah, i was also wondering if you meant littler person. i figured it would be a stuffed animal or something. that seems less creepy hahaha. although you'd be pretty awesome parents to hire a little person for your son's Christmas every year! hahaha.