Thursday, December 18, 2008

(typing 1 handed, forgivethe lack of caps)

so my apt went well. bp was good 144/67. dr bendfeldt said to stop the meds, have another apt in a week to check it (which is on cmas eve.. booo.. hey! i should take him cookies!). i dont understand if my bp is good ON the meds why take mne off? wont it shoot up? i missed a dose before my last apt - just 1 - and it was 170/80.. oh well, we'll see.

i took some cute ollie bathtime pics tonight... we didn't have any (ok, not bath time b/c he screams through the whole thing, but laying in the towel pics). i'll try to upload them tm.

Christmas is one week away. ONE. i can't believe it.. i think b/c we've had NO snow that i'm a little not-in-the-spirit... oh well, we might get some this weekend :(

oh, haha. i had to change cptn fussy pants due to a pee-out and i put the new onesie on backwards... in my defense i had just woken up at 3 am and it was a plain white onesie :P

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