Thursday, December 11, 2008

So there was a problem with a printer or something, so no Boompa-Santa photos yet.

Tonight was bath time - oh, how he loooves that. He screams his head off almost the entire time. There was a little improvement because there was probably about.. oh, 20 seconds he didn't scream?

He's started sitting in the bouncy seat today. He actually sat there for an hour or so while I wrapped presents! Way to go, both of us! I never have wrapping done this early on! I've found that if I turn the vibrate feature on right after he's down, and then turn the womb sound on he'll sit there for awhile.

Nothing else giong on except our house is invaded by fleas - again. The dogs have been in the kitchen almost exclusively - and not in our bedroom, for sure - and yet we have fleas in the house. Arrrrggg. Any natural ways to get rid of them??

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Chessie said...

Ahhh bathtime. It does get better. I guess it's just really frightening to them.. But they should be used to all that water! Haha.