Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's not easy to photograph babies on demand.. we got some good shots still, though. Thankfully, the vomiting didn't happen til after all were taken, oye. I've never seen a baby vomit like that before.. (he ate too much too fast after too much excitement).

Last night, Doug put Ollie to bed. He woke up at 1:58 to eat, then he slept until 5! I fed him, we slept on the couch (he in his boppy) from 5:30ish until 8!! Yes!! Let's keep this up!!

Today we get to try to finish Christmas shopping.. let's hope this trip to Books A Million is better than the last!


Chessie said...

haha it is hard to do the pictures. still at 4months it was rather difficult. i love the new booksamillion. phoenix and i went there the other week. she was asleep the whole time. hahaha. i need to go to hallmark! piggy bank!

Anonymous said...

When you get those good pics though it's worth it!!! I love taking pictures of everyone's babies!! I don't even know where I'll begin when I have my own!!!

~Julie aka meeeeowzer