Monday, December 15, 2008

Ollie-pants and I were busy today. We started off by watching a Christmas movie I had DVR'ed (Carol Christmas) and then went to the AMC Christmas party - which is the BEST food they serve all year, no way was I missing that! - with Julie, Chessie and Phoenix (aww, a double date??). After, we went to the Post Office and Library to visit Daddy. He slept a lot today, so I'm worried about tonight, but we'll deal.

Olliver's doing better holding up his head! Also, when he's awake, he's so alert, looking around and trying to follow objects with his eyes. I've been trying to use musical, jangly, lightup toys for him to focus on :) He's also discovered his tongue, I think.. sometimes he just laps with it, like a dog getting water! LOL

I can't wait for his first Christmas, even though he won't remember or understand it. He has so many things under the tree already (and I have several more to wrap) I can't stop getting him things!!

As for me, I have another (I think the last?) blood pressure checkup Wednesday morning. I think that if it's still up, that I'll be on the Labetalol for good (or atleast, good for now). I also have a hair appointment and a pre-Christmas massage Friday with Beth. Yay for sister's time!


Anonymous said...

Well at least if you're on the meds you won't really have to worry about it too much.. it should regulate it for you.

I always wanted a massage, but I don't know how I could ever be comfortable with some weird person squishing all my fat around haha!

Chessie said...

haha, i'm the same as Julie i don't know how comfortable i'd be. i'm sure it would feel awesome though. one day i might suck it up and just suck it up!

it's okay if you go on meds. it will be uncontrol and i bet it will make you feel better : )

Doug, Meg & Ollie said...

my back hurts (i just figured out its from all the one handed typing i do..which i'm continuing to do) that i dont care if they touch or squish my fat. make me feel better! and its 30 min for $30, which us a really good deal.