Thursday, January 13, 2011

Illness struck our house. It was inevitable. Thankfully, a week later and we seem to be pretty healthy. Olliver and I still have coughs, but that's it. Baby girl is still nestled in my uterus, with no signs of coming out any time soon. I'm debating on having Doug hold some chocolate at my vagina to entice her out with. If she's like her momma, she'll come out for chocolate :P

Thankfully, I decided to be productive instead of pouty. Pouty that the snow missed us, pouty that DD isn't here yet and pouty that I don't have an endless supply of whatever food I currently want. Today, Ollie and I went to Target to check their toy clearance (still 30-50% off. I'm holding out for 75%!) and grocery shopping. I decided I wanted to make tortellini salad, banana bread and chicken nuggets... not together, mind you. I actually got the salad made for lunch (well, Ollie's was just tortellinis), the banana bread is made and the chicken is cut up so Doug can help once he gets home (he offered and I'll always accept help!). Dishes have been done twice already and I'm about to go put diapers in the wash. I'm hoping that this is nesting and maybe Baby will come on out soon!

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